Formidable Dragon (Tribute to)

I've talked about and linked to Hurricane Hayward's The Atomic Grog in the past and it remains a great resource for cocktail and tiki info across the country, and especially from the east coast. His Mai-Kai cocktail guide and tribute recipes could keep you busy for a year or more. And I'm once again linking to him, this time to highlight his tribute recipe to the Formidable Dragon cocktail.

The Formidable Dragon was Martin Cate's cocktail for this past year's "Tiki Tower Takeover" at The Hukilau. I'm always in the mood to try a cocktail by Martin Cate but given that I was not at the Hukilau this year, I did not have a chance to try it in person. Fortunately, Hurricane Hayward has approximated the drink and posted his Tribute to the Formidable Dragon

Between the blend of rums, the spice, and the molasses syrup, this is a grog for the ages. This is my first foray into molasses syrup in place of rich demerara syrup but I'm happy with the results. Molasses syrup is a natural choice for a rum drink, but it needs a bracing rum or three to take it on - the flavor is strong. Be sure to grab the recipe from the Atomic Grog, and raise your glass to the Hukilau, Martin Cate, Hurricane Hayward, and Admiral Vernon.