Back from Tiki Oasis

Well, I've actually back for a few days now. It's just that the ratio of days spent at Tiki Oasis to days recovering from Tiki Oasis is about 1:1. As usual there was a lot of good information on rum (and tasting), especially from Martin Cate's presentation. Eventually that info will find its way into an episode or two of this here show.

And on Sunday of Tiki Oasis weekend I was part of the judging panel for the first "San Diego Bartenders Tiki Battle" at Tiki Oasis with some esteemed company (photo below). Ram from Boy Drinks World was the MC for the event. Watching the 4 contestants mix their cocktails and hear them explain their thoughts behind them was enlightening. It's one thing to get a nice cocktail served to you. It's another to hear the bartender talk through their thought process on the drink and garnish. For the 2nd round the two finalists had to create a new drink on-the-fly using unknown (until that point) spirits and mixers. It was a bit like Iron Chef in that way I suppose. Good times. Fun for all. And hey, the audience got 4 cocktails from the contestants too, so what's not to like?

Judges (left to right): Otto von Stroheim, Kelley Merrell, Rob Burr, yours truly, and Marie King. Photo by Marie King.