Rum Rhum Club Redux.

I'm excited to be speaking again at the Rum Rhum Club at the Tonga Hut in North Hollywood, California. Last time I spoke about the Mai Tai. This time I'll be speaking about the rums of the Kōloa Rum Company of Kauai, Hawaii. We're going to sample all 5 rums in their line and serve a cocktail called the the Waiʻaleʻale which I've created for this event.

The date is January 26th, 2014, and time is 2 PM. Like last time, it's kind of like an in-person episode of 5 Minutes of Rum, albeit one that I've not yet recorded. If you're in the area, I'd love for you to come out and drink some rum with me.

Date: January 26, 2014

Time: 2 PM

Location: Tonga Hut Tiki Bar, North Hollywood, CA

Cost: $20 (includes rum tastings and a cocktail during the presentation) New members to the Rum Rhum Club will need to purchase a passport for $20.

Facebook event page (again, I'm given to understand that this is a thing people like to visit)