Reconsidering my Daiquiri, again

tl;dr: It's summer and it's hot, so go make Latitude 29's reconsidered Daiquiri.

“Sugar syrup gives the Daiquiri a glycerin-y, too-smooth mouth feel,” Berry explains. “There’s also water in sugar syrup [so] you’re cutting down on the flavor of the citrus and the rum.” Dissolving sugar into freshly squeezed lime juice, as opposed to adding syrup, gives the Daiquiri its desired snap. Berry also uses a custom sugar blend made up of four parts white sugar to one part turbinado or demerara sugars, which, he says, adds complexity and a subtle molasses-y note.

- Mastering the Daiquiri with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry (via Punch)

That's right, the most "reconsidered" part of this Daiquiri is mixing a blend of sugar and lime juice, not a sugar syrup and lime juice. There's also the matter of handling the ice, but go read the article to get the full story and the recipe. This is the new standard around these parts.