The Master Ninja

The Master Ninja is Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's homage in cocktail form to Ray Buhen (the titular "Master Ninja"), one of Don the Beachcomber's bartenders starting back in 1934. Among other achievements, Ray would go on to found the Tiki-Ti in Los Angeles in 1961. The Tiki-Ti is still in operation today, operated by Ray's son Mike Buhen and his grandson Mike Jr..

The Master Ninja (the cocktail) was served at Hukilau 2016 at the Tiki Tower Takeover event. You can read a recap here on the Atomic Grog.

Every Wednesday at 9PM, Mike Sr. leads a toast to his dad Ray, as without Ray there is no Tiki-Ti. It's my favorite time to visit the Tiki-Ti. 5 bells.