Better read a rum review

At the intersection of great writing and rum reviews you'll find The Lone Caner. The excerpt below is from his review of Smith & Cross. I implore you to follow his reviews (and add it to your RSS reader if, like me, that's a thing you do).

It certainly did not disappoint. When you smell this, it’s like Air Traffic Control didn’t just clear me for takeoff, but for blast-off – scents burst out of the bottle and the glass in a rich panoply of rumstink (I mean that in a good way), matching just about any good Jamaican I’ve ever had, and exceeding quite a few. Although initially there was cream and unsweetened yoghurt or labneh, there was also the light fruitiness of esters and flowers, and absolutely no shortage of the righteous funk of rotting bananas and a garbage pail left in the sun (and I swear to you, this is not a bad thing).