About that name, Golden Shellback, from episode 54

A tangent I didn't take in the just-released Episode 54 of 5 Minutes of Rum was a brief discussion on the name of the cocktail by Jason Alexander from Tacoma Cabana that I made in the episode - the Golden Shellback. If you're wondering about that name, it comes from the "Crossing the Line" ceremony of many of the world's navies. 

"Crossing the Line" refers to one's crossing of the Equator for the first time and is an initiation rite sailors participate in. Those who have already crossed the Equator are referred to as "Shellbacks" while those who have not (yet) are "Pollywogs". A Golden Shellback refers to one who has crossed the Equator at the International Date Line

Since so much of rum's history is informed by its naval ties, this seems like a fine name for a rum-based cocktail.