Voodoo Grog

I feel like I've had my eye on Trader Vic's Voodoo Grog before seeing the recipe in Jeff Berry's book Potions of the Caribbean. Ok maybe mostly I wanted the Voodoo Grog glass (I still do). But I finally was inspired to mix one after reading the write up on Cocktail Virgin.

I mixed 2 versions, as the version from Frederic Yarm's site has a slightly modified recipe by upping the gold Puerto Rican rum to 2 oz.

Both versions are very nice - I'm not in the habit of working in egg whites so while I enjoy the texture, it's uncharted waters for me. I used Don Q Anejo for the gold Puerto Rican rum and St. James Hors D 'Age for the agricole vieux. Using 3/4 oz of pimento dram certainly ups the spice element but it works well. The egg whites add body (obviously) but I don't really notice the passion fruit syrup - it may be a victim of competing flavors here.

Voodoo Grog (Trader Vic's recipe as published in Potions of the Caribbean)

Voodoo Grog recipe (Cocktail Virgin version)