Link: Lost Spirits Colonial American Inspired rum

One thing I naively didn't originally realize about rum (and other spirit) production is how much chemistry is involved. 

Lost Spirits Colonial American Inspired rum is a very limited production - I should probably get off the fence and buy some already.

The end result is that the entire batch of rum sees all the aging steps. That by itself isn’t a particularly innovative idea – it would just take longer. However, a naive movement of the rum through the four barrel types can produce something pretty bad – Bryan called it “wood-derived nail polish remover.” The conversion process that happens in C-aging might adversely affect the rum character after its B-aging, for example. What Bryan does is nowhere near as simple visit to each barrel type. The trick to the 2.0 process is knowing the order of steps in which to apply a particular aging process. It also required the discovery that certain aging steps need to be repeated. Being able to do chemical analysis on his rums after each step is a big help in figuring out the eventual path to a successful process.