Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari: 10th Anniversary edition now available

Available at Cocktail Kingdom, to be specific. The expanded 10th anniversary edition of Beachbum Berry's classic Sippin' Safari book is out now. Recipes plus the stories behind the people responsible for Tiki's heyday. Now published in hardcover, almost 50 new pages, and 14 previously never published recipes. Needless to say, I've placed an order.

About That Angostura Label

No, not the fact that the label doesn't match the bottle...what about those recipes? I'll admit I've never made any of them.

All these years as a faithful Angostura customer, and I had never truly absorbed the whack-job, world-unto-itself word mosaic that is the brand’s packaging. The mini-history, the British Royal Warrant, the reproduction of old Doc Siegert’s signature, the kosher certification and, of course, the recipes.